About Us

William M. Willard
General Manager/CEO

Bill Willard is a Multidisciplinary Automation Engineering Professional with 30 + years of proven success in the design and implementation of industrial automation engineered solutions and custom machines.

Bill’s background includes but is not limited to assembly & test systems, packaging systems, robotics automation solutions, material handling, machine tending, milling, fastening, tape dispensing and gluing. The depth of his experience covers a broad technical knowledge of applied automation practices across multiple industrial manufacturing cultures; Automotive, Life Science, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage and Warehouse Automation to name a few.

Bill is the CEO/General Manager and Founder of Automation Technology Consulting (ATC). He founded ATC on the principle that the client (the customer/end-user), should have a clear vision of the practices that govern applying automation to their manufacturing processes. It is through this clarity that the client can better manage their automation decisions (budget, ROI, equipment selection, automation houses selection, time frame and manufacturing culture).

Bill is a graduate of mechanical engineering from NC State University with 30 + years in Industrial Automation experience. His career in automation has carried him through the very early stages of Industry 3 (introduction of programable logic control PLC and servo technology), to the present day, Industrial 4.0. The experience has helped him develop the skills to give a true hands-on approach of assisting his customers in navigating the challenges associated with applying automation to their manufacturing floor. He is a liaison for the customer’s interest during the execution of their project.


  • Innovative Custom Machine and Automation Systems Design
  • Broad Technical Knowledge Base
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Risk Management
  • Industry 4.0
  • Project Management
  • Enterprise Mfg. Intelligence (EMI)
  • Mfg. Execution Systems (MES)
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

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