The client is the expert in their given product manufacturing processes. Automation Technology Consulting offers the expertise in applying the correct automation that best fits the client’s manufacturing processes, budget, and culture. From concept through the implementation Automation Technology Consulting partners with the client for exceptional results.


> Assist clients in establishing automation goals

  • Reduce labor cost – Reallocate manpower into safer more productive positions
  • Increase Production Yield – Minimize material waste
  • Increase product Quality Consistency – Lower product failure percentage
  • Lower Manufacturing Risk
  • Add to the manufacturing bottom line
  • Can the automation project be taken in-house

>Identify the manufacturing processes that can be automated

  • Analyze current production operations
  • Consider what areas will get the most return on the automation investment

> Develop Automation Concept

  • Identify Automation Solution processes
  • Identify Automation Solution Layout
  • Identify Layout footprint

> Identify key (Capital), equipment requirements

  • Key Components
  • Key Component Suppliers

> Develop the Automation Specifications

  • Functional Requirements Specification (FRS)
  • Functional Design Specifications (FDS)
  • Software Design Specification (SDS)

>Identify the automation budget

  • Develop overall project scope of work
  • Develop overall project budget
  • Develop project schedule
  • Prepare project budget and schedule presentation for upper management budget review and approval

> Identify and establish a realistic RIO indicator

  • Reduce labor cost where it makes since
  • Production Yield – lower product failures, lower raw material waste
  • Increase product Quality Consistency – Lower product failure percentages
  • Time frame required reimburse capital investment

>Prepare bid package for vendor selection (RFQ / URS / URL/ SOW)

  • Project scope
  • Project timeline
  • Equipment specifications

>Risk Assessment

  • Risk Management procedure (RMP)
  • Checks & balances of project scope

>Identify qualified Automation Houses (integrator/machine builder), that are specific to the automation requirements

  • Experienced in the automation needed
  • Install base
  • Examples of automation solutions
  • Financial stability
  • Visit facility
  • Work through bidding process with qualified bidders

>Work through bidding process with qualified bidders (Automation House)

  • Follow bid requirements
  • Bidder’s exceptions
  • Bidder’s Solution Concept
  • Bidder’s schedule and timeline
  • Bidder’s price comparison
  • Bidder’s Location

>Prepare bid analysis of selected automation houses for front office

  • Review all vendor proposals with vendors
  • Prepare vendor benefits matrix
  • Prepare vendor recommendation presentation

>Project management (PMP)

  • Manage inhouse project team
  • Manage winning bidder (automation house)
  • Negotiate project terms
  • Manage project contractors
  • Manage project budget
  • Manage project timeline

>Development of comprehensive operation personnel training program

>Development of Preventative Maintenance (PM) Program

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